Auto Tasks

In Auto Tasks, we provide the best keyboard and mouse recording service, in addition, we have a method of creating keyboard shortcuts

Create a Task

Auto Tasks will record your keyboard and mouse actions

Perform a Task

Simply say the name of your task or choose a keyboard shortcut.
Auto Tasks will start performing your task

Record a Shortcut

Simply type the text that you want to have a shortcut for, and choose the keys you want to perform the shortcut with

Creating a Shortcut

Any time when you press the chosen keys the text is going to be displayed automatically

Schedule a Task

Choose the date and the time on which the task is going to be performed automaticly

Your Data is Safe and Secure

All your tasks and shortcuts data is encrypted and saved only on your computer. None of the data is sent to any external side

What's new in update 3.0.0

- Keyboard shortcuts and schedule tasks can work when Auto Tasks is closed.

- Keyboard abbreviation is now available.

- New design to the settings screen.

- Now Tasks deleted from the task manager will disappear immediately

- Bug fixes and improvements.

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