What's new in update 3.0.0

- Keyboard shortcuts and schedule tasks can work when Auto Tasks is closed.

- Keyboard abbreviation is now available.

- New design to the settings screen.

- Now Tasks deleted from the task manager will disappear immediately

- Bug fixes and improvements.


- In the new version, there is no registration required.

Instead, your tasks and shortcuts are saved on one primary

-account and encrypted with a randomly generated password.


- Auto Tasks Lite published to Microsoft store.

- Option to select the running speed of tasks added.

- Encrypted algorithm changed from SHA256 to SHA512.

- Bug fixes.


- Your tasks and shortcuts data are now secure.

and encrypted with a strong SHA256 protocol.

- Mode without microphone was added.

- Tutorial suggestion was added.

- Pictures not loading bug was fixed.

- App loads x5 faster.

- Bug fixes.


- Improved algorithm for closing a new desktop.

- Schedule tasks bugs were fixed.

- Red color changed.


- Brand new loading screen.

- Dark mode bug fixed.

- Photos not loading bug was fixed.


- Auto Tasks published to Microsoft store.

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